How to buy VoIP credit

An Internet calls over IP protocol je is the cheapest way calling abroad.
We offer the best price of  credits for VoIP teplephony.  Here you can buy VoIP credits and vouchers for all leading VoIP providers.
It is easy. Please, start on the homepage by choosing of your  VoIP provider and continue in few easy steps to finish the order. Your VoIP credit will be charged  promptly after we receive your payment to our bank account.
More detailed How to buy VoIP credit
1.  – please, choose your VoIP provider
2. – enter required amount and click "Buy" 
3. – a) please, choose your preffered pay method:
       Pay Pal, Pay Sec or Bank transfer
       b) enter your VoIP username and your e-mail.
4. – a) please, choose your preffered Bank,
       or click on a Pay button of your choosen service
5. - After finish your order you will be emailed with order details. 
VoIP - cheap calls all over the world, the best choice of calling abroad.
Free minutes for some countries.
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